We the Zulu People will take you to the less travelled places to experience our true culture & way of life!

We offer a wide variety of tour packages for every preference & budget. We specialise in Township Tours, The Shebeens or Taverns & Cultural Events. Be sure to experience the best KwaZulu Natal has to offer by taking a historical, cultural or township tour & experience our way of life.

Our competent & qualified guides have extensive knowledge & understanding on all our products & tours.

Furthermore, it is our passion to make your African encounter as memorable as possible by giving you a true African experience.

OUR VISION is to become an empowerment Tour Operator motivated into projecting the true diversity and richness of South African culture and strive to be an efficient and effective company capable of participating in the economy mainstream of the country.

OUR MISSION is to display, promote and expose the lifestyle of African People in its original sense and promote fair, just and equitable Black Economic Empowerment.

To this end, OUR GOALs are :

To Market ourselves into a formidable Tour company capable of catering for the Local, National and International Tourist in the niche market of Kingdoms, Cultural and Township Tours

Partake in the activities that will deepen and enhance the understanding of our products in order to be better positioned to service our market

Explore cooperatives that will bring us into the mainstream of the economy through engaging with large Tour Operators

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